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Ericksonian Hypnosis and Approaches to Psychotherapy
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Don Miretsky, LPC
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About Donald Miretsky
Don was a family therapy seminar lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry for seven years. He has presented at local, regional, state, and national conferences as well as providing training and consultation to multiple private and state agencies. He specializes in child and family therapy as well as adult and couples issues. He utilizes Ericksonian approaches to psychotherapy. This is not simplistic trance work, but the comprehensive utilization of clinical principles individualized through assessment to meet the unique characteristics and needs of each client and/or family. Don enjoys working with issues related to personal adjustment, anxiety, depression, and trauma. When appropriate and there is interest, he has a special focus on wellness, healthy lifestyle, and the integration of Eastern Spirituality with Western Psychotherapy. This includes the application of various meditation practices to assist with the reduction of stress and discomfort to help increase satisfaction in daily living. 

*Ericksonian Approaches to                 Psychoherapy
*Hypnotic Meditative Directed Self-                        inquiry (HMDSI)
*Accountability Method of               Communication
*Strategic-Structural Therapy
*Interactional (MRI)
*Behavior Therapy
*Family Systems
* 35 Years in Practice
*School: University of
*   Graduated: 1978
*License No. and State:
        LPC-0144,  AZ
*ADHD (child/teen
*Anxiety *Depression